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Car Rental

Car Rental

To ensure a carefree journey, you will have the option to rent a car for the time you want

Van Rental

Van Rental

Sometimes you have to carry items that don't fit in a normal car: don't worry, we are here! We have several competitive solutions for the rental of 9-seater vans and minivans. All drivers with driving license B.

Boat Rental

Boat Rental

Forget the routine, treat yourself to a relaxing day on the boat with friends and family. Discover the fantastic coast of the Gargano and its famous bays. Enchanting places that can be visited from the boat from another, more fascinating and evocative perspective.

Travel safely

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our customers, and guaranteeing them is a binding promise that our company renews every day.

On every trip, our team works tirelessly to guarantee you the highest safety standards on all our rental vehicles. For this reason, each vehicle is carefully cleaned between one rental and another.

Before each start, our experts carefully check all the values ​​of: tire pressure, oil and coolant levels, lights and wipers.

Particular attention is paid to the entire interior passenger compartment, which is sanitized to allow for a peaceful and completely safe journey.

Our safety policies regulate every aspect of the rental, from the quality of a fleet of vehicles that is always updated to the protection of personal data, up to the optimization of the digital experience, as well as guaranteeing you rental offices and vehicles that are always thoroughly clean.

Car, commercial vehicle and boat rental agency

We are committed and work with passion every day to guarantee our customers the best mobility solutions.

We rent cars and commercial vehicles to individuals and companies in various ways: short, medium and long term. Our goal is to fully understand the needs of our customers in order to create new, cutting-edge and innovative solutions and services that are able to constantly support our audience.

We also have a fleet of boats that we rent to admire the fantastic thing of the Gargano. We are a reliable company with 100% Italian capital, we have competitive rates and our rental offers are flexible, adaptable and perfectly tailored to our customers.

travel by car

Every trip is different, that's why we are here to offer you everything you might need. By relying on us you will have the certainty of always arriving at your destination aboard new vehicles suited to your needs, with the support of an extraordinary service.

Traveling with a new mobility perspective

Renting a long-term car is an innovative and advantageous solution to travel without worries: in fact, against the monthly payment of a fixed fee, you can have the desired car available, as well as a series of optionals with a package "all inclusive" which also includes insurance and car assistance services, and if your needs change, you can easily change your car.

At the end of the contract, you can decide how to continue the journey: continue, return the car to exchange it for another car, or you can buy the same car at a price to be agreed. A valid alternative to buying a private car, long-term car rental is a completely innovative formula, increasingly used not only by companies and freelancers, but also by individuals, who benefit from great savings and economic convenience.

Opening Hours

Saunday: Closed
Monday: 09-13-00 - 15.30-19.00
Tuesday: 09-13-00 - 15.30-19.00
Wednes.: 09-13-00 - 15.30-19.00
Thursday: 09-13-00 - 15.30-19.00
Friday: 09-13-00 - 15.30-19.00
Saturday: 09-13-00 


Via San Giuliano 41
71121 - Foggia
Phone: 324-5521335


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