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Damage Policy

Damage Policy

By signing the contract, the Customer authorizes the Lessor to charge the credit card presented with the amounts corresponding to any damage found on the vehicle being returned and the relative cost of managing any administrative procedure connected to the damage found. In particular, the management of practices related to damages involves the charge of an administrative fee of € 80.00 including VAT.

All easily detectable damages are managed through our Damage Tables, developed and periodically updated by registered experts in the national register. These tables allow you to manage the damages in a practical and fast way, reporting the average repair costs of the most common minor damages based on the amounts requested by bodybuilders and workshops for components and work.

The amounts shown in the tables in question do not include the aforementioned administrative fees. Below we explain how damages are detected and billed and how any disputes relating to them are handled.

Car check

During the check-out (exit of the vehicle for the rental), all the damages already present on the vehicle will be listed in the appropriate Check-Out Form. We invite the Customer to check it carefully, checking that there are no errors and reporting any discrepancies found to our operators before leaving the station with the vehicle.

At the time of return (check-in) we will carry out a new check on the vehicle and we will deliver a Check-In Form to the Customer, in which any new damage not caused by normal wear will be indicated. Normal wear and tear is normal wear and tear resulting from reasonable use of the vehicle (e.g. minor nicks and scratches, micro-dents and normal wear and tear on wheel rims and wiper blades).

Hidden damage

During check-in, some damages may not be immediately evident, for example those caused to inaccessible components of the car (engine, tank, clutch, etc.) or hidden due to poor lighting/unfavorable weather conditions.

If damage of this type is found, we will inform the Customer after the detection, providing all the documentation proving what was found before charging the related costs.

Technical stop

Should the vehicle need to be repaired, we reserve the right to send the Customer a regular repair invoice including the item "days of technical downtime", i.e. the days of non-use of the vehicle for the time necessary for the repairs and for finding spare parts replacement.


The Customer will have 5 working days from the sending of our debit notification to dispute the amount claimed for the damages. If within 5 working days of notification of the debit we do not receive any objection, we will proceed with the collection of the requested debit. Our debit notifications will in any case present all the documentation proving the presence of the new damages found.

Any hidden damage or mechanical damage found after taking charge of the vehicle will be notified immediately after the finding (if necessary even beyond the canonical 3 working days).

Any refund requests can be forwarded to our Customer Service, which the Customer can contact by referring to the appropriate section on our website: Contacts

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