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Security Deposits and Guarantees

Security Deposits and Guarantees

Car rental and deposit: what it is and how it works

When renting a vehicle, the security deposit is a mandatory step since the rental company is granting the customer the use of a precious asset and must therefore ensure that it is protected.

The deposit is a sum of money which is blocked as a precaution as a guarantee and is used to verify the validity of the credit card presented.

The rental company therefore undertakes to return the sum after having ascertained the good condition of the vehicle and the correct fulfillment of the driver's obligations.

Return of the deposit: times and what to do

Our systems release the security deposit in the hours immediately following the closing of the rental agreement. In this regard, a receipt of the release by Noleggiare will be issued or sent by email to you.

However, it could happen that the unlocked amount is not immediately available on your bank statement. Unfortunately we are able to release the funds but we have no control over the actual timing of the re-credit, which are instead coordinated by the credit card companies and interbank networks.

In some periods, to view the amounts in question on the account statement, it could take from 7 to 30 days from the date of the release. If you should have any doubts or questions, and your rental has already ended, we suggest you contact your bank to request information or assistance.

How much is the security deposit?

The amount of money that is blocked depends on the vehicle category, for this reason there is no fixed or standardized cost that applies to each vehicle.

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