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Boat Rental

Boat Rental

Travel safely

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our customers, and guaranteeing them is a binding promise that our company renews every day.

On every trip, our team works tirelessly to guarantee you the highest safety standards on all our rental vehicles. For this reason, each vehicle is carefully cleaned between one rental and another.

Before each start, our experts carefully check all the values ​​of: tire pressure, oil and coolant levels, lights and wipers.

Particular attention is paid to the entire interior passenger compartment, which is sanitized to allow for a peaceful and completely safe journey.

Our safety policies regulate every aspect of the rental, from the quality of a fleet of vehicles that is always updated to the protection of personal data, up to the optimization of the digital experience, as well as guaranteeing you rental offices and vehicles that are always thoroughly clean.

Our boat rental offers the experience of a different day with various solutions for all budgets.

Renting a boat allows you to navigate independently by visiting the famous Gargano coast and the coves that characterize this area.

The maximum horsepower of a boat is 40hp and can be driven without a boat licence.

The FA.ST. srl gives you the opportunity to spend a day, accompanied by one of our skippers in complete relaxation, allowing you to enjoy this fantastic experience.

Terms and Conditions

Opening Hours

Saunday: Closed
Monday: 09-13-00 - 15.30-19.00
Tuesday: 09-13-00 - 15.30-19.00
Wednes.: 09-13-00 - 15.30-19.00
Thursday: 09-13-00 - 15.30-19.00
Friday: 09-13-00 - 15.30-19.00
Saturday: 09-13-00 


Via San Giuliano 41
71121 - Foggia
Phone: 324-5521335


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