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Van Rental

Van Rental

Sometimes you have to carry items that don't fit in a normal car: don't worry, we are here! We have several competitive solutions for the rental of 9-seater vans and minivans. All drivers with driving license B.

Travel safely

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our customers, and guaranteeing them is a binding promise that our company renews every day.

On every trip, our team works tirelessly to guarantee you the highest safety standards on all our rental vehicles. For this reason, each vehicle is carefully cleaned between one rental and another.

Before each start, our experts carefully check all the values ​​of: tire pressure, oil and coolant levels, lights and wipers.

Particular attention is paid to the entire interior passenger compartment, which is sanitized to allow for a peaceful and completely safe journey.

Our safety policies regulate every aspect of the rental, from the quality of a fleet of vehicles that is always updated to the protection of personal data, up to the optimization of the digital experience, as well as guaranteeing you rental offices and vehicles that are always thoroughly clean.

Do you need a van for a move or a special transport? Or are you looking for a commercial vehicle for your business? With us you will always find the right solution for your movement needs.

Booking a rental van has never been easier! Just select the date and time of collection and return, select the type of vehicle you need and you are ready to go.

We have a wide range of commercial vehicles available, from the smallest to the "extra load", suitable for any type of transport.

We also have specific vehicles such as isothermal vans and advertising sails.

We offer you a short-term rental service with affordable rates, a wide range of commercial vehicles and 9-seater minivans ready for delivery. Clear contracts, flexible solutions and services, 7 days a week customer support.

Are you planning a trip with family or friends? Our 9-seater minivans are the right solution for you! Travel comfort and fun are guaranteed.

Our minivan fleet is made up of the most sought after in their category such as: Fiat Talento and Opel Vivaro.

Opening Hours

Saunday: Closed
Monday: 09-13-00 - 15.30-19.00
Tuesday: 09-13-00 - 15.30-19.00
Wednes.: 09-13-00 - 15.30-19.00
Thursday: 09-13-00 - 15.30-19.00
Friday: 09-13-00 - 15.30-19.00
Saturday: 09-13-00 


Via San Giuliano 41
71121 - Foggia
Phone: 324-5521335


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